Topological Insulators

Topological insulators are new materials  with a   gaped bulk and   gapless  edge states. They are similar to the Quantum Hall Effect  but exists  in  the presence of the time reversal symmetry.  Topological protection makes the transport in these materials robust  against disorder and geometry change,  leading  to quantization of  spin/charge conductance.  We study   transport  in  various engineered  structures made of topological insulators, such  as  temperature dependent  of conductivity  in the quantum point contact.

Other direction of our work is devoted to  interacting topological insulators. In particular, we study systems where repulsive electron interaction gives rise to novel topological phases.

We also study  Anderson localization in the presence of topological protection. The ambitious goal is to find new phases where metal insulator transition is substantially affected by topological protection. A more applied direction of this research has to do with transport in topological  material, such as graphene, Weyl semimetals and etc.

Dmitri Gutman